4:30 pm — 6:30 pm
Bagua Center
4736 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137 United States
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To Empower Our Daughters To Become Confident, Conscious Young Women

The Young Goddess Empowerment Circle is an expansion of the internationally acclaimed course, Creative Insight Journey (CIJ) For Teens. The purpose of the circle is to impart the amazing benefits of CIJ while assisting our daughters to connect with the Sacred Feminine in way that is relevant to life as a young woman in today’s society. It will empower them as they go out into a very chaotic world and help them remain grounded, confident and mindful. They will have the opportunity to discuss things that are important to them, as well as relevant topics for helping them grow into mentally, physically, and emotionally conscious young women from the Sacred Feminine perspective. They will learn about meditation, connecting with nature, vision boarding, loving their bodies in a healthy way, relationships and so much more.


What is Creative Insight Journey For Teens?

It’s a powerful course created specifically for teens where they are able to discover their unique talents, learn valuable tools and techniques that prepare them for success in school and in life.

This awe-inspiring course focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Based upon methodology first taught at Stanford University’s famed Creative in Business Course (CIB), the program is designed to take teens on a profound journey into unearthing their creativity, tapping into their purpose, and thereby activating their full potential. Using practical tools and techniques Catherine Patrick, certified CIJ Instructor, will empower each student to step into their authentic self.

Creative Insight Journey is designed to help students foster and develop the powerful creative potential within them. Specific benefits and outcomes often include:

  • Generating new ideas for life purpose and creative passions.
  • Creating a new relationship with organization for dealing with time management and stress.
  • Inspiring innovative problem-solving and consistent breath-through thinking to find innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Improving communication skills that breed self-confidence when standing up to peer pressure/bullying, and provides new access to better communicate with family and friends.
  • Providing mindfulness tools to cultivate focus and attention for better results in academics.

Each student will come away with a deeper knowing about who they are, practical approaches for creating what they want, and the skills to move through school, then college, and into life with motivation, direction, and self-reliance.

So that is Creative Insight Journey For Teens. When we shift the narrative to a female-centric mindset it creates a very positive and safe space for our daughters to express themselves and explore ideas so that they can be all that they can be in a very powerful, sacred feminine way.


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