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1212 Numerology

In Numerology, 12/12 offers you the needed energy to transform your key relationships. Hence, from this perspective, seeing 1212 is a message to you that you are ready to better the significant connections in your life. According to Angel Numbers, seeing 1212 (12:12) means stepping out of your comfort zone and starting anew in your life.

1212 Meaning

Number 1212 is a compilation of the energies of number 1 and the attributes of number 2. The number 1 represents individuality, unity, new beginnings. It multiplies its power when groups of number ones are seeing. The number 2 symbolizes partnership, duality, yin and yang and balance. The number two is also a lucky number in relationships -it signifies a strong, balanced partnership.

Angel 12:12

The Angel number 1212 symbolizes your Spiritual Growth, the manifestation of your dreams. It encourages you to positive and tuned to your intuition and what is happening around you.

If you have been seeing this number very frequently, pay attention to your surroundings, to any sensations in your body, visions our thoughts that come to your mind at that moment

12:12 & Crystals this 2017

12:12 is a powerful arrangement of the Universe to deepen our awareness as infinite cosmic beings, especially during this year of completion, 2017. In your journey of ascension, you can use crystals; they contain healing properties allowing positive energy to flow in while negative energy flows out.

You will find crystals to be a protective tool that will dissipate spiritual blockages. Be aware that the numbers 12:12 are a symbol of spiritual growth and a profound awakening. It encourages keeping the faith, tuning in with your intuition and moving forward with the manifestations of our most intimate dreams. But we must first let go of all the things that hold us back from the process of ascension, as doors are quickly closing behind us.

To summarize

The meaning of 1212 is a call of assistance from mother earth, you are to assist her in the birth of a new earth. When you see this number, you are being asked to aid with, ascension, the evolution of mankind and the creation of a new positive earth and much of this is done through our thoughts, actions and words. It is very important we try our best to remain in a positive mindset, to be optimistic, helpful and constructive, we can motivate and encourage others to follow.

The meaning of 1212 signifies a dramatic leap in evolution and when we see these numbers, we know that we are given guidelines from a much higher source. Just like computers download programs, we as humans can also download communication from higher sources.

Experience the 12:12

Join us in opening our hearts to a universal ascension and transformational activation to awaken the cosmic codes and information within you. We will be guided by the ancient approach of shamanic sound healing, which offers a frequency to assist us to heal and open to higher realms, allowing us to receive our cosmic blessings that await us.



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